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I'd rather eat across the street at The Market Place. Over priced on everything.


Earlier this year Green Frog Market on Columbus was openly encouraging customers to submit comments to their suggestion box. I held off because I didn’t want to berate the market out of respect for the Hair family. I never put mine in the box although


Is Green Frog Market still “Always A Leap Ahead”? One has to wonder of late.

I have been a regular, loyal customer of Green Frog Market since it opened. I grew up for the most part and have lived on the east and northeast side 30+ years and have


I am jumping at the chance to tell you about my experience with the management at COPE'S FOOD FAIR in Bakersfield.  Earlier this week I received a call from a woman named janice or janace jamal who apparently is a manager or something there.  This


Do not get a cake special ordered here. The cake designer doesn't have a clue as to how to design a nice looking cake. I got a special ordered cake with some writing on it and not only is his handwriting ugly, but the text isn't even centered. I


Went to a party where the SAMOSAs, fried, potato-filled dough, was the appitizer.  they were from All Indian and were very good.  Served with a green curry also from All India.


Oh yeah, I visited this place! All I can say, dude, is that this place sucks as bad as it can get low. The products are so yesterday, and the check-out is so slow man. I wouldn't give this place 1 star out of 5! Simply a waste of time.


New to Bakersfield and as a So. Korean, I was happy to see one of our markets close by but on my first visit I found it to be a dump of a place. After handing frozen packaged meat to the cashier to inquire the price, I was aghast that she weighed it


Good products and great prices. The food court and employees aren't as good as Costco but I would still recommend a membership at Sam's. The major issue is the checkout which is way too slow. Go on the weeknights and you'll be fine.


In general, Sam's Club is actually a pretty good chain. They would have excellent quality products and a good line of food at the express.
However. every store chain has its bad locations, and this is one of them. At first glance, one might be

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