Review of Pizza Hut | White Lane
Wednesday, September 19, 2012 - 15:10

We placed an order 9/16/12 Sunday for delivery. It arrived and the total came to $25.46 and I gave the delivery gal $3.00 cash for a tip. I noticed during an online bank session the charges from Pizza Hut were $27.46. Someone had altered my receipt. I called today 9/19/12 and talked to Patty who identified herself as a manager and she researched the paperwork and called me back. I'm told the gal had 2 credit card orders during that time and the other delivery had given her a $2.00 tip. Somehow it was put onto my charges and receipt. I'm not real sure how this can happen beings how I put a 0 in the tip section of the reciept and added the total up to $25.46. It just seems a little shady and unprofessional to me. And how do you mix up receipts? After the phonecalls they did bring $2.00 to my house. I doubt they will get my business anymore. They've lost my trust.